Recipes, Games, and Activities From TikTok That the Entire Family Will Love

Family bonding isn't always easy — who hasn't been in the middle of a "what should we do?" battle? Especially now, while idle days and restrictions abound, it can be difficult to come up with things to keep the whole gang entertained. Luckily, TikTok has a myriad of ideas that are great inspiration for new ways to bust boredom. From do-it-yourself crafts to unexpected games, there's something for every family. Pick one you want to try, or be bold and let your kids select what you'll do. Either way, keep reading to find one your crew will love (or at least tolerate for an hour).


Complete a Workout

TikTok is home to fitness gurus, like certified fitness instructor, Justin Agustin. Getting up and moving is a way to keep everyone engaged while benefiting from some healthy exercise. With there being workouts of all levels, here's a low-intensity workout to get started!


Practice Basketball

It's actually pretty easy to make your own basketball hoop, construct defenders, and play a game of ball. No experience needed — just have fun with it!


Customize a Pair of Sneakers

Don't toss out those old sneakers just yet — jazz them up! This is an easy and fun way to make any pair of sneakers stand out and express your inner artist.


Bake a Sweet Recipe

These Oreo Cheesecake Cookies will make your mouth water. Plus, it's only a five-ingredient recipe that any rising chef could follow. These don't sound good? There's plenty more inspiration on TikTok!


Cook Up a Meal

Or, go the savory route and follow this recipe to make your own healthy version of McDonald's chicken nuggets. What kid can resist nuggets?!


Read a New Book

Start a family book club and inspire your littles to get reading. Here are some of the most appealing books for a tween audience that are still captivating for adults. There are tons of other suggestions on TikTok, too!


Make a Food Review

Not in the mood to cook your own food? Turn your kitchen table conversation into a restaurant review. Order your favorite food, and getcritiquing! Encourage your kids to describe what they like most and least, and why they feel the way they do (it's good practice in using descriptive language).


Try a New Hair-Do

Want to spice up that usual hairstyle? Find a new look you want to try and test it out! Braids, parts, clips, dye — whatever you and the kids are up for!


Show Off Your Pet

Get your little furry (or maybe not-so-furry) one in on the family fun! Dress up your pet in a fun costume, practice a new trick, or present a new food to try. If you're feeling really bold, let the internet see the outcome.


Craft a "Calming Bottle"

Calming bottles can be made with common household items, and serve as great objects to fidget with or ease tension. They are both a fun project to make and a fun toy to play with.


Learn to play guitar

Have a guitar sitting in the corner that you haven't touched in ages? Learn to play a simple tune and have a family jam session!


Make Cloud Bread

Hop on the trend and whip up some cloud bread! Your kids will love the fluffy shape. Here's the magic formula.


Make a Chalk Masterpiece

If the weather's nice, grab some chalk and sketch in the front yard. Encourage your kids to let out the creativity, whatever that may look like.


Try the Eye Contact Challenge

This eye contact challenge is a light-hearted game that's part of a larger "quarantine olympics" this family conducted. The goal? Look down, then up, without making eye contact with anyone! Laughs are bound to ensue.


Play the Bottle Flip Game

Another game in the quarantine olympics, this game will bring out a competitive side to everyone. Try to flip different kinds of bottles to land upright before your opponent. No cheating!


Attempt the Fork and Quarter Challenge

Find some spare change and forks to try this meticulous, but entertaining, activity. Roll quarters to get them between the tines. It's probably better for older kids as it requires some hand-eye coordination.


Make a Tie-Dye Project

Tie-Dye a pillow case, T-shirt, or any sort of fabric using this easy method.


Practice Origami

Oragami doesn't have to be difficult — it just takes some practice. These balloons are an enjoyable family project!


Do Scratch Art

Run to the craft store and buy some scratch paper to make satisfying scratch art! The best part? It's practically mess free! Set your kids up with stencils and an object to scrape with, or let them scratch out their own creations.


Create Your Own Scratch-Off Paper

Or, instead of buying the special paper, create your own with this easy tutorial! You should have most of these supplies on hand.


Make Slime

It's a classic for a reason! Slime can keep anyone occupied for forever. There are endless options to incorporate, from colors to texture, all using accessible household staples.


Create a Suncatcher

Arrange the beads in your preferred design, using metal cookie cutters for any shapes you'd like to incorporate, then pop it into the oven. The results so pretty!


Attempt the Tissue Challenge

Gather up the family and see who can keep a tissue aloft the longest using just their breath. Everyone is sure to goof off with this silly one!


Start a Houseplant Collection

Houseplants are a great way to make a house feel like a home. If you've got one plant (or a friend with a plant!), here's how to propagate them to grow your selection of houseplants.


Ongoing Hide and Seek

A silly, long-term game of hide-and-seek of some a doll or stuffed animal can be surprisingly lively. Move it around the house for everyone to hunt down!


Try Out Belly Ball

This hilarious and active game was invented by this family and they shared the how-to here. You'll use hip thrusts to throw the ball back and forth between each team. Kids will love it — and get an inventive workout in!


Make Homemade Birthday Cards

If there's an upcoming birthday to celebrate, create a heartfelt, custom birthday card. Or, start stocking up on these cute cards for later. This is a fun pattern, but the options are endless!


Make a Rubber Band Ball

Hear us out: Not only will this project take up a good amount of time, but the finihsed project is fun to play with! Though it will definitely test your patience, so don't be afraid to spread it out over the course of a few days.


Play Toilet Paper Bowling Ball

Bowling, but with a twist! Set up water bottles and roll away. You can set up a family tournament, or a one-on-one competition to see who scores the highest.


Have a Game Night

Board games are a classic. Chances are, it's about time for another game night. Pull out your family's favorite and get playing! You can even host a tournament of different games to keep the fun going.