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Watch Kelly Clarkson Give Toddler Advice in the Bathtub

Kelly Clarkson Gets Real About Being "Trapped With Toddlers" While Escaping For Bathtub Drinks

She might not be covering famous songs on her "Kellyoke" segment, but Kelly Clarkson is absolutely still keeping us entertained. The hilarious mom recently escaped the reality of parenting for some alone time and bathtub drinks while isolating with her family in Montana. And if you had any doubt that Kelly would keep it 100 percent real, you'll believe it when she starts off the video saying, "I didn't want to take a bath, I just wanted a drink." With her husband Brandon behind the camera, Kelly shares with fans how she and the family have been spending their time and keeping their sanity.

In addition to keeping a gratitude journal, the family has been playing lots of board games, watching movies, and reading a lot. As for Kelly, she personally confessed that cooking has become a regular thing for her. "I have not cooked this much in my entire life," she said, adding that she's been making enchiladas, tacos, and quesadillas.

Moments like these in the bathtub and whatever alone time she can squeeze in is what's keeping Kelly happy, and she highly recommends it for people spending time at home with kids. "Since we're all sort of stuck, it's nice to trade off with other adults and have your own minute to chill," she said. "We're trapped here, but we're trapped in a really beautiful place."

"They're already cooped inside and the last thing they're excited about is math!"

She said that the "smartest move" she and her husband made was bringing their nanny with them to Montana, as they were trying to keep her safe from coronavirus, but she's been essential in helping with the three kids. Like many parents can attest to, homeschooling is no easy feat. "It's so hard though, they're already cooped inside and the last thing they're excited about is math, let's just be real," she said. "Well, that's why I'm drinking!"

As someone who is so positive and always uplifting those around her, Kelly shared her silver lining in all of this, and it's a great reminder to anyone looking for a sliver of hope during this time. "It's horrible what's happening, but we really needed this as a family, the family time . . . We're just trying to make the best out of the situation and I think we're doing that."

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