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Hi, Powered Women of POPSUGAR and the Women Who Inspire Them

The Power of Female Friendships

By Lisa Sugar, Founder and President of PopSugar

Although I grew up with an older brother, identified as a tomboy, and mostly felt like one of the guys, I’ve also had the great fortune of building long-lasting, loyal relationships with all sorts of amazing women. Here are a few of the things I learned along the way about why female friendships are so important.

They knew you when! I have known my oldest girlfriend since birth (we are 10 days apart and share the same name), and she makes me feel the most connected to home even when I am 3,000 miles away. Talking to Lisa about anything is comforting, even during difficult times. We never went to school together and have not lived in the same city since we were 18, but we are as close as ever, and any time we get together brings back childhood nostalgia that makes me feel 12 again.

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What I've Learned From Generations of Strong Women

By Dana Cohn, Executive Style Director at PopSugar

In a world where women are constantly having to challenge social norms and push boundaries, having a diverse portfolio of women you admire and trust can help to guide the way. The biggest thing I've learned from the women in my life is that there are all different types of strength, and they each have value.

My maternal grandmother, Ru, is not your average grandma. She despises baking cookies, wears heels and a red lip every day (even at 90), and enjoys being around young people more than people her own age — you'll never catch her at bingo night!

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Empowering Women Share Their Stories

Advice For Daughters, the Next Generation of Strong Women

Dear Daughter, Don't Let Anyone Silence You

You will be my new purpose in life, and it will be my proud duty to serve as your guide. The first thing I want to tell you is that you can do, say, or be anything you want. Who's gonna stop you? Read more.


Dear Future Daughter, Make Mistakes and Learn From Them

How are you? That's a question I hope the people who smother you with love will ask openly and often, but I hope, more than anything, that it's a question you ask yourself, too. I hope, when the answer that flows out of your mouth is something positive and sweet, you remember the specifics of why you feel that way. What were you doing during the moments that you felt the most empowered? Who were you wrapping your arms around when you felt suffocated by unconditional love? Read more.


Dear Future Daughter, I Fully Expect You to Hate Me

Where do I even begin? Firstly, I want you to know how much I want you. You might come to find that a lot of women fret over having female offspring ("I can't handle a mini-me," "girls are so mean," etc.). But me? No way. What could be better than a girl and future woman? Women change the world every day, and I'd like to think you'll be the owner of a very large hammer to use on any and all glass ceilings you encounter. Read more.


Dear Daughter, You Can Do Anything

Welcome to a very powerful time for women in the US. You are joining them. I am one of them. We, incredibly strong women, are speaking up. Our silence has been broken, one by one, hundreds and thousands. Our voices are echoing loud for those women in other worlds who may still be silenced. We talk of freedom, equality, strength, and taking no more. We desire to be given the same chances as men, because something you should know is that you can do anything. Read more.
What I Wish I Knew Knew at 16 That I Know Now

At 16, I Was Told I Wasn't Good Enough — This Is Why I Refused to Believe It

When I was 16, I got braces, my driver's license, a first kiss, and acne (lots and lots of acne that formed constellation-like patterns on my cheeks). None of that, not even lip-locking my lifelong crush for the first time, was what defined that age for me. It's what I didn't get as a 16-year-old teen that I'll remember for the rest of my life, no matter what. Read more.


The 1 Thing I Wish I Knew When I Was 16

When I think back to my 16-year-old self, I'm actually filled with so much tenderness for the awkward and often painful memories of stumbling through adolescence. While I'm glad I never have to go through some of those things again, I've realized that that's the absolute best gift one is given with age: the ability to cultivate compassion for yourself. Read more.

What I Want Future Female Generations to Know

An Open Letter to All Girls Who Have Been Told, "You Can't"

A long, long time ago, during a decade called "the '80s," I was a little girl growing up in middle class America. Like you, I loved to run, and play, and dream. And I was fortunate enough to have parents who never made me feel like there was something I couldn't do, just because I'm a girl. Read more.


What I Want Young Girls to Know About Their Tomorrow

As someone who is older and somewhat wiser, I want you to know that women like your mother, sister, aunt, teacher, and others who you look up to are working every day to make this world a better, brighter, and more accepting place for you. As we, and countless women you may never meet, strive to make sure that you get the pay you deserve for the work you will one day do and fight to protect your voice and basic rights, it's our job to make sure you know a little more about this world so that you know exactly how you want to change it. Read more.

What I Do to Feel Empowered and Feminine

How Do I Feel Empowered? I Put on My Grandmothers' Silk Scarves and Costume Jewelry

After what seemed like the longest January in recorded history, I felt myself becoming slightly defeated. The weather, the depressing news cycle, and the post-holiday blues conspired to make me feel lethargic and subdued. On those days when I struggled to feel like the best version of myself, I channeled the spirit of my grandmothers. Read more.


5 Things I Do to Feel Empowered and Feminine

"Empowered" and "feminine" are terms that likely mean different things to everyone. I view female empowerment as connoting independence, inclusiveness, and community. Femininity, at its heart, centers around compassion, self-affirmation, and self-respect. Read more.

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