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Model Street Style Trends 2017

These 11 Trends Wouldn't Have Gone Viral Without Supermodels

Model Street Style Trends 2017
Image Source: Billy Farrell Agency

There will always be little one-off trends the models try โ€” chain-link denim, hip cleavage, and the like โ€” but a lot of them have serious staying power. In 2017 alone, the supermodels rallied behind a handful of notable looks that went viral.

Can you remember a time when corsets weren't a thing? And how about the little white bootie that the supermodels are working with everything from miniskirts to track pants?

If it weren't for these young women with huge social media followings, it'd probably take us a lot longer to catch on to some of the boldest styles in the book. Read on to reminisce about all the fashion sensations they started so far this year.

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