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Selena Gomez New York City Style

Selena Gomez's New York City Wardrobe Is Full of Functional Pieces For Women on the Go

Selena Gomez New York City Style
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Selena Gomez is filming her new movie with Woody Allen in New York City and packed appropriately for her trip. Like most New Yorkers, Selena's living in her jeans, and this plaid duster coat from Rouje Paris, which she pairs with sweaters and tees to accommodate for transitional weather. Denim appears to be part of her movie character's look too, as Selena's on-set wardrobe has been pretty casual.

She's making the most of her time here and her outfits haven't lacked a fashion-girl touch. Whether she's accessorizing with jewelry or sneakers, Selena's city outfits are always functional and achievable. She's even adopted the "wear all black" NYC signature. For now, the star has traded her West coast vibes for East coast ones and we're not complaining. Read on to see a rundown of all the outfits she's worn while in the Big Apple.

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