Heck Yes, American Eagle Didn't Photoshop Any of These Photos

As campaigns for Fall '17 roll in, American Eagle shows everyone how it's done. For its latest denim ad, the retailer cast a diverse group of models — including breakout star Halima Aden — in unretouched photos. (If you're silently cheering right now, we're with you.)

The images feature happy, confident men and women celebrating in their own skin. If you follow American Eagle, you know this all-inclusive environment is one the company's been championing for years. Its sister store Aerie sent body positive messages in 2016 with its photoshop-free swimsuit and lingerie ads, the latter featuring Emma Roberts.

The brand's strong stance on bringing diversity into the fashion world is something we hope to see from more designers and companies going forward. Read on for a full look at the photos.