It's Worth Finding Time For This 10-Minute Mood-Boosting Barre Workout

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Get ready to sweat with fitness trainer Nikki Nie, who will be leading this 10-minute, mood-boosting barre workout joined by Leilani Terris and Cherie AbuMoussa. This routine is all about the mind-body connection. You'll start with a quick warmup to shake off any tension, then get into the thick of it. Nie will lead you through bodyweight exercises timed to the beat, adding in barre-based movements that dial in to target specific muscles. Throughout the workout, Nie will give you a second to focus on your breath and body so you stay connected. All you need is a mat to get started!

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Nie's outfit: Target. Terris's outfit: Splits59. AbuMoussa's outfit: Old Navy.