Runners, Cue Up This 10-Minute Quick-Feet Workout to Boost Your Power

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Join fitness trainer Ashley Joi as she leads you through a 10-minute no-equipment workout designed to help you be quicker on your feet. Joi has programmed cross-training moves for runners, like lateral hurdle hops, burpees, fast feet, and jump squats — but these drills will prime your muscles for speed and agility whether you're a runner or not. If you're looking for any modifications or advancements, class members Mikayla Campbell and Poofy Moffitino are there to demonstrate all your options. Next time you hit the track, court, or field, you'll feel positively explosive.

Joi, Campbell, and Moffitino are wearing Nike Invincible 3 running shoes ($180).

For a longer session, tack on Joi's speed and/or agility workouts, too.

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