Try This 10-Minute Calming Stretch Session For Better Sleep

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Craving a solid, good night's sleep? Follow along with this simple 10-minute stretch sequence presented by Prime Video. Hosted by celebrity trainer Danielle Gray, the session is easy to follow and does not require any complicated equipment. To begin, Danielle encourages viewers to start with an open space, an optional yoga mat, or to simply use the edge of your bed. Gray, who is also the creator of Train Like a Gymnast, offers clear and concise instructions throughout, and includes beginner-friendly modifications. With the goal of releasing tension and improving mobility, the stretch series also emphasizes the power of acceptance, and allowing oneself to surrender to a restful sleep.

Whether you prefer wearing socks to bed or opting for meditation, we certainly understand that finding an optimal sleep routine that works for you can be a journey unto itself. But Gray makes this routine easy to love. She starts off with a deep breath, focusing on a full inhalation and exhalation. Keeping things intentional and at a slow, calm pace, viewers follow Gray through a series of gentle neck semicircles to flossing patterns. Next, she softly transitions into a short massage, performing manual soft tissue release on the upper shoulders at the base of the neck, targeting the trapezius muscles. With a calming presence, Gray reminds viewers to take your time and to relax, as she knows how common it is to store tension in the body.

Taking things up a notch, ever so slightly, Gray transitions to a standing position and works her way from soft and fluid shoulder rolls into squats, followed by lunges with a gentle side bend. The series takes things slowly, encouraging you to go at your own pace throughout. Gray focuses on working through each individual's range of motion. Next, she places an emphasis on classic favorites such as cat and cow pose, then switches to mobility of the wrists and ankles, and finishes out with light spinal twists, chest stretches, and low twisting stretches from butterfly position. Finally, Gray guides viewers through a rejuvenating facial massage, targeting the muscles surrounding the eyebrows and outer temples. Finding strategies to improve sleep might seem daunting, but this beginner-friendly stretch session is bound to help you find your center and feel refreshed, and ready, for bed.

Name: Danielle Gray
Top: Alo Yoga
Sports Bra and Pants: Athleta
Instagram: @daniellegrayfit

Jade Esmeralda, MS, CSCS, is a Staff Writer, Health & Fitness. A life-long martial artist and dancer, Jade has a strong passion for strength & conditioning, sports science, and human performance. She graduated with a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning from George Washington University.