This 14-Minute Core Workout Had My Abs Begging For Mercy — and It Was Zero-Impact

I'm currently injured (cue frustrated sigh), which means I'm on the lookout for low-impact workouts that don't put strain on my hurt foot. We have plenty of low-impact workouts on POPSUGAR that I'll be checking out, but I came across one of my new favorites on Instagram: a 14-minute core workout from Tanya Poppett, a master trainer certified by the Australian Institute of Fitness. Tanya is getting back into full workouts after having a baby, so I decided to give her no-impact workout a try; I trusted that it would be challenging but not worsen my injury.

Well, after doing the recommended four rounds in their entirety, my abs definitely agreed with the "challenging" part. My core was truly shaking during the isometric portion, even though I wasn't moving at all and only held each pose for 30 seconds at a time. One of my favorite parts: the only "equipment" I needed was a small throw pillow. Tanya incorporated it as "a way to reinforce connection to each movement," she explained in the caption. "It encourages you to create your own resistance and gives you a little external cue to help with form."

If you're ready to take on this core-shaking, no-impact challenge, we've spelled out the full workout below. Make sure to check out Tanya's video above to see how to do each move.

14-Minute Core Workout With Pillow

Directions: Repeat each exercise in the set for 30 seconds. Take a 10-second break before moving on to the next set. Repeat the full, three-set circuit for four rounds. Note: Press your lower back against the ground during the table hold, hollow tuck, and dead bug. This ensures you're fully engaging your abs.

Equipment needed: A small pillow or cushion.

  • Set one: Modified wipers
  • Set one: MMA bridges
  • Set two: Table hold
  • Set two: Hollow tuck with squeezes
  • Set three: Dead bug
  • Set three: Kneeling good mornings