If You Want Strong (and Sore!) Abs, Do This 500-Rep Ab Challenge Workout

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"I'm doing my least favorite thing, which is abs," Emily Thorne, a Canfitpro-certified trainer known as Emkfit, says in the beginning of this 500-rep ab challenge workout, but she knows so many of you love ab workouts, which is why she created it. I tried this workout and loved that it was simple and no-nonsense, and that there was no music, so I could really hear what she was saying while listening to my own music. But what I loved most were the funny little comments she threw in about hating ab workouts. When counting reps, she said, "Ten, nine, eight, seven, uhh, six I hate abs, five, four . . ." and I laughed out loud, which distracted me from the inferno blazing from my belly.

This workout is 15 minutes long and includes five sets of exercises of 20 reps each, repeated five times. Expect to do basic moves like variations of crunches and Russian twists. I like how the first three rounds are level one, and then for the last two rounds she kicks things up a notch so you have the option to do more advanced versions of the moves. Five hundred reps seems like a lot, but it's totally doable with her guiding you through and offering you some giggles while she complains along the way. I was feeling this by the 300th rep, so I knew I'd be sore for days.