March, Shuffle, and Grapevine to the Beat With This 2,000-Step, Fat-Burning Walking Workout

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You don't always need to run miles on the treadmill to get a cardio session in — walking workouts really can make you sweat, and, better yet, they can be done without workout equipment. All you need is your own two feet and an open space in your home. Rachel Gulotta, a NASM-certified personal trainer based in downtown LA who posted this banded ab workout earlier in February, shared the above walking workout where you'll march in place, twist, grapevine, and groove to nu-disco songs.

Gulotta wrote on YouTube of this session that it's a fat-burning routine amounting to just under 2,000 steps in 17 minutes (according to the video's step counter, you'll complete approximately 1,846 total). "You'll walk to the beat, and there are cues for the upcoming movements, so you'll never feel lost," she added. "Even though you're only stepping, this routine is still intense enough to make you break a sweat!" Interested? Walk it out!