Jake DuPree Puts the Fun in This 45-Minute Total-Body Workout For All Levels

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In this PS Fit session, instructor Jake DuPree will have you energized and amped with a fun-filled total-body workout. Assistants include Rehima Jordan and Lily Huber, who couldn't stop smiling throughout DuPree's class packed with infectious positive energy and non-stop jokes.

For this session, DuPree demonstrates some of the exercises with a set of dumbbells. Look to Lily Huber, on the right side of the video, for exercise options using lighter weight, such as a two or three pound bar weight. Even as the intensity starts to increase throughout the class, modifications and other exercise options are available for all levels. As an example, instead of quick plank jacks or split squat jumps performed at a high intensity, Huber shows how to perform side-to-side toe taps from a plank position, or simple reverse lunges, as beginner-friendly modifications.

To warm up, DuPree kicks things off with quick jumping jacks and high knees that are almost as rapid-fire as their hilarious commentary and witty quips. Next, the session switches gears, with the class focusing on squat variations, along with lunges and planks. Using the weights, DuPree leads with an upper body sequence targeting the shoulders and arms, including lateral raises, bicep curls and tricep extensions. "This feels so cute, but when I say cute . . . I mean horrible," DuPree jokes.

Then, the workout switches to a series of squats, calf raises, and split squat jumps. As the class ramps up, DuPree yells out, "You're sweating!? I'm sorry! I feel SO bad for you! Not!" Finishing out strong, the final part of the session takes place on the floor. "My pronouns may be they/them, but my booty is 'yes' and 'hell yes!'" DuPree says with a smile, while transitioning to the ground. The last phase of the class features lower-body focused exercises on a mat, with and without the dumbbells.

To finish out, DuPree takes the class into a brief cool down. "Let's take a moment to process the things we've been through. Oh god, it's been a lot," DuPree laughs, guiding viewers with some gentle stretches. With their effervescent, bubbly energy, it's nigh impossible not to laugh or smile during this workout session with Jake DuPree! Be sure to check out our new workouts every week and subscribe to our PS Fit YouTube channel for more.

Name: Jake Dupree

Tank: Quince

Leggings: Old Navy

Instagram: @jakedupree

Name: Rehima Jordan

Outfit: Varley

Instagram: @rehima23

Name: Lily Huber

Outfit: Alo Yoga

Instagram: @lilyhuber

All Shoes: APL

Jade Esmeralda, MS, CSCS, is a Staff Writer, Health & Fitness. A life-long martial artist and dancer, Jade has a strong passion for strength & conditioning, sports science, and human performance. She graduated with a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Strength and Conditioning from George Washington University.