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7-Day Mindfulness and Exercise Challenge

POPSUGAR / paid for by / adidas

Ever wondered if running is for you? We partnered with adidas to see what would happen if one editor challenged herself to run every day.

For me, physical activity has always been a means to relax and calm my mind. The primary goal was to finish a yoga class or a hike and feel reconnected with the world around me and with myself. Any physical strength that I gained was just a welcome side effect. But truth be told, I have always wanted to be a runner. I just never thought I could be.

The culture of running, or my misunderstanding of it, is what turned me away from it time and time again. I thought it had to be painful, it had to be boring, and it had to be serious. But the convenience factors and benefits have always appealed to me. It's free, you can do it at anytime, it can get you outdoors, and you end up with some seriously toned legs. After sharing my secret obsession with wanting to be a runner with my co-worker (a Fitness editor at POPSUGAR who recently challenged herself to run every morning), I decided I too should embark on a week-long running challenge. I tried it mainly to see if I could learn to stand it. I never expected that I would learn to love it.

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