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700-Step Indoor Walking Workout

Add 700 to Your Step Count With This 5-Minute Home Walking Workout

If you want to get your steps in without ever setting foot outside, we've got the workout for you. Created by YMCA-certified personal trainer Rick Bhullar, this fast-and-furious walking workout takes just five minutes, but by the end of it, you'll have tallied up 700 steps.

What we love about Bhullar's walking workouts (we've done them before!) is how they incorporate more than just simple steps. He includes high-knee marches, side steps, side-to-side shuffles, and standing side crunches to really help you move your body and burn those calories. These moves are simple but effective, and Bhullar explains and demos them, so you know exactly what you're doing. His energy, the upbeat music, and the step tracker in the lower righthand corner all give you extra motivation to keep pushing. So the next time you find yourself with five minutes to spare, lace up your shoes and try this quick five-minute workout!

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