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Best Isometric Ab Exercises

8 Trainer-Recommended Isometric Ab Exercises to Light Up and Completely Exhaust Your Core

Best Isometric Ab Exercises

You do isometric ab exercises more often than you might realize, so these eight core-shaking examples ( all recommended by trainers!) will probably look pretty familiar. Isometric exercises are moves that engage and challenge your working muscles without actually moving them; you contract or extend the muscle to get into the position and hold it there (sweating and panting). Or you move other muscles, like your legs in a hanging knee raise, while keeping your working muscles (your abs, in that case) strong and steady. That's a roundabout explanation to say that these kinds of moves are absolutely exhausting but also so effective.

Keep reading for the best isometric ab exercises, as recommended by trainers, that will have your core muscles quivering for as long as you can bear it.

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