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Blogilates Creator Cassey Ho and The Fitness Marshall Dance

We Want to See The Fitness Marshall and Blogilates Do More of This!

The Fitness Marshall visited with the lovely Blogilates creator, Cassey Ho, for the very first time, and amazing cardio dance ensued. Cassey said, "In proper Blogilates fashion...we said our goodbyes with a farewell dance!" Aren't they adorable together?! I guess when you're with The Fitness Marshall, how else would you say your goodbyes?

Cassey is usually all about Pilates, and she has some amazing video workouts. But when she asked, "What do you think guys โ€” should I seriously do some cardio dance vids for the channel? Would you watch!?!" Um, yes! The answer is a big ol' yes!

We chatted with Caleb (aka The Fitness Marshall) about his meetup with Cassey, and he told POPSUGAR there might just be a collaboration coming our way (insert squeals of excitement): "Cassey is the sweetest," he said. "She showed me around the office, and we got to chat a bit about life, the industry, and maybe even some exciting collabs in the future!"

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