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CBD Coffee

CBD Bulletproof Coffee Is Probably My Most Genius Invention Yet

I was adding drops of my Infinite CBD coconut oil to a small cup of black coffee one morning when it clicked: "This is just like my XCT oil . . . This is my new Bulletproof."

I've been loving my Bulletproof coffee at home, but I still am pretty caffeine-sensitive. In fact, a cup of cold brew can send me into a full-body, hour-long panic attack (it's not a chill scenario), so typically I do try to add a fat source to coffee when I drink it, whether it's a little cream or grass-fed butter and Bulletproof's XCT oil. But only recently did this new idea dawn on me — there's another great way to stave off the anxiety-inducing effects of caffeine besides some fat: CBD oil!

Here's how it works: you make your cup of coffee (if it's truly a Bulletproof blend, you'll use its beans — that's what I have in my home stash), add in some grass-fed butter (I like Kerrygold), spoon in a dash of XCT oil, and then add your desired amount of CBD. I like the Infinite CBD oil for this because it's plain coconut oil and doesn't alter the taste of what I'm already making. And like my fellow POPSUGAR Fitness teammate Michele, I like adding collagen to the blend to truly make this like a morning meal and add a hefty dose of protein. My favorite is the Vital Proteins vanilla coconut water peptides. And if I'm feeling real fancy, I add some cinnamon (it's anti-inflammatory, too!).

Carefully pour your hot coffee with all the extra ingredients into a high-powered blender, give it about 20 seconds on high, and bam: you've got a hot, frothy cup of brain-boosting, nourishing, jitter-free coffee. You can thank me later.

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