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Christina El Moussa's Diet

Christina El Moussa's Bikini Diet Secrets, Revealed by Her Nutritionist

We know how Christina El Moussa has been working out . . . but those kinds of abs are made in the kitchen. What's she eating??

We spoke with Christina's nutritionist, Cara Clark (owner of Cara Clark Nutrition), to get a glimpse at the plan she's on and what she is — and isn't — eating.

"I think most people would be surprised to know that Christina is a creature of habit and prefers having the same meals every day," said Clark. "She looks forward to it! But she's also up for trying to things."

She also mentioned that Christina "is one of a kind, very disciplined and determined girl!" but "her 'bikini diet' is really not that out of the ordinary." In fact, you can implement what Christina does without being a celebrity yourself. Clark said that her program "run[s] group challenges every other month here at CCN, and we teach hundreds of our clients the exact same principles." Here's what she's doing to feel and look her healthiest.

  1. She eats small meals frequently. According to Clark, she eats four to five times a day.
  2. She's super hydrated. "She drinks a ton of water," said Clark. "Some alkaline and some sparkling."
  3. She's balanced. "Speaking of sparkling, she loves a good glass of Champagne now and then. . . . She lives very well rounded. There's not too much off limits when it comes to her diet."
  4. She limits dairy and gluten but doesn't completely avoid those groups, living by the concept of moderation.
  5. She "limits sugar to special occasions" . . . "but she loves a healthy treat. Her favorite right now is black bean brownies."
  6. She doesn't eat processed food. "One important factor to her lifestyle is she eats all real foods," said Clark. "Very little to no processed food."
  7. She eats mostly organic. This is a great grocery shopping tip!
  8. She follows the "CCN way of life." According to Clark, her nutrition program includes "the five pillars," which are "Eating every three to four hours, eating carbohydrates with fat and protein, [sticking to] consistent meal and snack sizes, drinking 80 ounces or more of water, and [working out or being active] five to six days a week."

She loves those healthy brownies, too! Clark told POPSUGAR that "for her birthday, she prefers a healthy brownie recipe more than cake, and she lets me know she's expecting them!" We've got our own black bean brownie recipe, so you can try her favorite healthy treat at home.

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