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CrossFit Competitor Jennifer Smith 6-Pack Transformation

CrossFitter Jennifer Smith Shows Off Her 15-Minute 6-Pack "Transformation"

Think fit, toned people look that way all the time? CrossFit competitor Jennifer Smith posted these side-by-side photos of her belly to prove a point. The right posture, right lighting, and deliberate flexing goes a long way.

These photos were taken just 15 minutes apart! It's quite obvious that Jen is strong and muscular and has worked incredibly hard for her chiseled six-pack. But when she's slouching and sitting relaxed in the photo on the left, her six-pack disappears.

It's a great reminder not to be hard on yourself if you don't look the same at every angle, in every photo, or even from minute-to-minute. These "transformation" photos are proof that it's completely normal! Don't worry if your body doesn't look "perfect" all the time. Just focus on how it feels and what it allows you to accomplish.

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