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Easy Boxing Workout For Traveling

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Reebok

Source: Courtesy of Reebok

Looking for a full-body fitness upgrade? We partnered with Reebok to highlight a simple boxing workout you can do anywhere.

Aside from being a full-body activity that works every single muscle, boxing is adored by many because it can be practiced anywhere. Obviously you can't take bags and gloves with you as you hit the road for your holiday travels, but you can certainly perform a boxing-inspired workout that requires little to no accessories. So whether you are looking for something high-intensity you can do in your living room or want a reliable fitness routine to do on your upcoming vacation, we reached out to two powerhouses: Reebok, a fitness brand that's been leading the charge in creating product specifically for those who want to train like fighters, and Dara Hart, at New York City boxing gym DOGPOUND. The result? A kickass workout that focuses on cardio and footwork. With the rise of combat-type sports and fashionable gear that's specifically made for these types of disciplines, it's the best time to give this a shot. Check it out ahead.

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