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Equinox Ad Campaign 2015

Equinox's New Ads Are Its Most Boundary-Pushing Yet

Equinox Ad Campaign 2015
Image Source: Equinox / Rankin

If upping your fitness game is a major resolution for the coming year, you may just want to turn to Equinox for some inspiration. The brand's 2015 ad campaign, shot by fashion photographer Rankin, has just been released, and while these aren't the sweaty, sexy ads of years passed, they still keep to the business's can't-be-tamed persona. The campaign explores exactly the kind of trouble you can get in after a great workout. An amazing sweat session can leave you feeling strong, confident, and free of any inhibitions, and that's exactly what Equinox wanted to capture.

As in previous campaigns, the new ads are directed at the lifestyle of Equinox members, rather than the facilities or amenities actually offered by the gym. Chief Marketing Officer Carlos Becil said, "Everything we do at Equinox is grounded in the idea of high-performance living, empowering our members to be bold, be risk takers, and push their limits, inside and outside of the club. This campaign embodies that pride and the adventurous spirit that speaks to the idea that it's about more than just taking risks; it's about owning the consequences." If you need a little inspiration to kick your fitness routine into gear in 2015, Equinox is hoping these ads might just do the trick. So, do these risk-taking pictures evoke your sense of adventure?

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