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Green Giant Frozen Veggie Spirals

Shut the Front Door! 4 Types of Frozen Veggie Spirals Are Hitting Store Shelves Soon

Praise be to the gluten-free and vegan gods: Green Giant is coming out with a whole line of frozen veggie spirals in 2018, and our mouths are watering just thinking about them. The frozen and canned vegetable brand apparently caught on to the fact that the veggie noodle craze is still on a path toward world domination, and it found a more convenient way to help us get in on the tasty fun while slashing all that prep time. Nice knowin' ya, pesky spiralizer!

Instagram user Lisa Lillien, known to her followers as hungrygirl, alerted us to this tantalizing news when she shared the above sneak peek at the packaging of Green Giant's Veggie Spirals, which will hit store shelves in January 2018. The four varieties include butternut squash, beets, carrots, and of course, the classic zucchini noodles. "They're 100% vegetables, and they have 65-90% FEWER carbs than traditional pasta," she explained in the caption of her post.

It is worth noting that Trader Joe's sells a similar product in its frozen food section, although the grocery store chain only offers zucchini and carrot options. Can you imagine making a beet salad and swapping the usual purple beet chunks for some of Green Giant's slivered beet spirals?! *Cue the grumbling of my stomach*

You can use Green Giant's store locator feature come January to see if these frozen Veggie Spirals (frovirals, anyone?) are available at your go-to grocery store after they're released. If you need us, you can find us counting down the days to the new year so we can finally make our favorite veggie noodle recipes sans an annoying spiralizing gadget. Low-carb spaghetti carbonara for dinner, anyone?

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