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Halle Berry Bodyweight Workout

Put Your Strength to the Test With Halle Berry's "Hardcore" Bodyweight Workout

Halle Berry Bodyweight Workout
Image Source: Getty / Mike Coppola

First, I just want to thank Halle Berry for sharing her go-to fitness tips EVERY. SINGLE. FRIDAY. We really don't deserve her. I still haven't trained with her (and I'm still speaking it into existence) but I do religiously try her workouts whenever she shares them. Warning: this ab workout was so hard, but so good.

Halle recently shared five bodyweight exercises she does when she's on vacation, and they were not what I was expecting, at all. I thought she would give us some "easy" moves, but these bodyweight exercises are next level.

"No hotel gym? No trainer? No problem," Halle said in her Instagram caption. "Fair warning: these may be vacation themed but they are hardcore," she added. If working out on vacation is your thing and you don't want to travel with equipment, I highly recommend running through these moves to light up your muscles.

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