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We Know You Love Yogurt: Here Are the Exact Ones You Should Be Buying

Looking for a big punch of satiating, muscle-building, weight-loss-boosting protein with debloating probiotics? You've come to the right place, and that place is the yogurt aisle of your local market.

But wait a minute — all this marketing and labeling can be confusing. What's truly "light" and nutritious? What's healthy but still tastes good? There are many hidden, sneaky sugars — and sometimes even chemicals — in unsuspecting "healthy" foods. Yogurt unfortunately is a top culprit in this instance.

But fear not: we've created this trusty guide to help you navigate the yogurts on offer in the grocery store, and today we're comparing vanillas. Let's start with our favorite nonfat vanilla options — lower in calories, but high in protein with a lower sugar count.

Brand (Nonfat, Vanilla) Serving Size (g) Calories Protein Sugar Fat Carbohydrates
Chobani 150 110 13 13 0 15
Dannon Oikos Triple Zero 150 120 15 6 0 14
Siggi's 150 110 15 9 0 12
Smári 142 120 16 13 0 14
Yoplait Greek 100 150 100 15 7 0 10

Not into nonfat? That's OK, too. In fact, full-fat is pretty darn good for you. If you're not trying to shave off the extra calories and want some nourishing, healthy fats, then these yogurts are the ones you want: creamy and delicious, but still packed with protein.

Brand (Whole Milk, Vanilla) Serving Size (g) Calories Protein Sugar Fat Carbohydrates
Icelandic Provisions 150 120 15 11 2 13
Siggi's 125 140 12 8 4.5 11
Smári 142 150 15 10 5 12
Stonyfield Organic Greek 150 140 14 12 4.5 13
Tillamook Farmstyle Greek 150 150 11 13 5 16
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Jae Payne
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