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How to Do Crow Pose Into Headstand

Step Up Your Yoga Practice and Master Moving From Crow to Headstand

You're basically a Crow pose master and Headstand is no big deal. So why not put the two together and move from Crow to Tripod Headstand and back to Crow?

  • Begin in a Wide Squat. Place your palms firmly on the ground in front of you, spreading your fingers wide.
  • Straighten your legs slightly and place your knees as high up onto your triceps as possible, toward your armpits.
  • Shift weight forward into your hands, leaning the weight of your knees into the backs of your arms, so your feet float off the floor. Bring your toes together and pull your belly button in toward your spine to give you a sense of lightness.
  • After a breath or two, slowly lean forward and lower the top of your head to the floor, coming into Tripod Headstand Prep.
  • Keeping equal weight between your head and hands, lift the knees off your triceps and straighten your legs, coming into Tripod Headstand.
  • Stay for a breath or two, then lower your knees back down to your triceps. Slowly shift a little bit of weight to the heels of your palms and lift your head off the floor, holding Crow once again. This part is tricky and moving slowly and keeping the abs engaged, feet together, and knees squeezing in is key. Keep practicing — you'll get this!
  • Come back to a Wide Squat.
  • Repeat this two more times, eventually holding both Crow and Tripod Headstand for five breaths each.
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