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How to Do Foursquare Cardio Drill

Warm Up For a Workout With This Quick and Simple Bodyweight Move

Let's focus up and get those legs warm! This version of the playground game foursquare will up your heart rate, work your legs, and get you ready for a run or some cardio.

Here's how to do this cardio take on foursquare. The above GIF shows the move slightly slowed down so you can see the foot pattern — you're going to do this much more quickly! You'll follow a pattern that looks like this: back, center, front, center, out, center. Essentially, you make a square with your feet as fast as you can.

  • Start with your feet centered (on a mat, if you need a visual guide) and hip-width distance apart. Step your left foot back behind the mat, and then bring your right foot to meet your left.
  • Step your left foot forward back to center, and then your right.
  • Step your left foot forward in front of the mat, and bring your right to meet it. Then step back with your left foot to the center of the mat, and bring your right foot to meet your left.
  • Step out to the left side with your left foot, and out to the right with your right foot. Then return your left foot to center, followed by your right.
  • Repeat the entire series, moving more quickly each time, focusing on agility and speed.
  • Continue for 60 seconds.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Studios
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