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How to Do the T-Cross Sit-Up

The Sit-Up Variation You Need For Flat Abs

Take your sit-ups to another level with this powerful variation that feels more like a full-body move than a simple ab exercise. Adding the twist works the obliques and lifting a leg fires up muscle fibers in your lower abs. This exercise will likely leave your abs pleasantly sore the next day.

  • Begin lying on the floor with your legs straight and arms out wide to the sides, making a T with your body.
  • In a slow and controlled motion, sit up, lifting your right leg and twisting to the right to bring your left hand to your right toes. Hold this position for a moment, pulling your abs toward your spine.
  • Slowly roll down to return to the starting position to complete one rep. Repeat on the other side.
  • Do two to three sets of 12 reps.
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography
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