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How to Have Your Best Workout

Change This 1 Thing to Get More From Every Workout

You take the back corner whenever possible. Being close to the instructor is your nightmare. You prefer packed classes where you can get lost in the crowd. You avoid looking in the mirrors, even to check your form. You are OK with marginal fitness improvements because you are scared to work harder in case you look silly.

You know who you are.

As a trainer, I have one thing to say to you: you need to kick that shy person inside you to the curb and start tapping into your inner workout beast. And start today.

The more committed you are to every move, every drill, every repetition, the better you will perform. And more importantly, you will get better results. Too often we let our desire to hide during our workouts shortchange our ability to get all we possibly can out of every minute.


When you walk into any fitness arena — gym, studio, weight room, outdoor boot camp — your game face should be on. You have taken the time out of your busy schedule. In most cases, you have paid money to participate.

Your results are based on the work you put in, not the effort of your trainers. You are given the tools; it's what you do with them that makes you a fitness badass or a wannabe.

The badasses commit. They grunt. They groan. They pick up the heavier weights and crush their sets, even if they have to make weird faces while doing it. They get sweaty in unattractive places. (Hence why I typically only wear black workout pants).

They go all out, all the time (regardless of where their sweat goes), and you know who they are because they look the part.

The people who aren't as successful are often the ones that are more worried about what they look like than what they are actually accomplishing. They barely swing a kettlebell because they are embarrassed to really thrust their hips up to get the full motion of the move. They do a halfhearted punch or kick in their kickboxing class because they don't want to seem overeager.

Or worse, that they are "acting tough." They refuse to sprint in boot camp because they worry about looking like they are trying too hard. It's this self-consciousness that is holding them back from reaching the next level of fitness.

And they need to get over themselves and get out of their own way. I guarantee you, no one is really looking at you.

In yoga, we are reminded to stay on our own mats. In cycling, we are the master of our own rides. While driving, we stay in our lanes. What you chose to do in your fitness lane and how you chose to do it should not be driven by those around you.

Let your inner badass come out, in all its glory.

Your squats will be deeper, you'll squeeze in a few more reps before time expires, you'll burn those extra calories you are after.

Dig in, dig deep, and forget about everyone else. This is YOUR workout.

Be committed. Do this and you will start seeing better results.

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