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Iskra Lawrence Healthy Tips

3 Ways to Practice Self-Care the Iskra Lawrence Way

Iskra Lawrence's status as our girl-crush is undisputed. As one of the models championing the battle for body positivity and inclusivity in the fashion industry, she knows a thing or two about how to instil and practice self-love.

At the launch of her new EveryBODY health and fitness program, Iskra let POPSUGAR in on her favorite ways to get a daily dose of self-care. Read on for three ways to show yourself a little more love today.

Be More Thankful

Iskra's favorite way to put thankfulness into practice is through by feeling grateful. "I love [making] a gratitude list. I think it's super important because when you're in a state of gratitude, you can't have ego-talk," Iskra told us. "It takes the pressure away if you're thinking about your thighs touching or your cellulite to instead think, 'I'm just grateful to wake up, I'm grateful to be alive, I'm grateful for the day I'm about to have.'"


While this may seem like a simple practice, she believes small practices can make huge differences to your state of mind and says, "Those little things take you to a positive place, and for me, that really helps me get in a positive place."

Be Good to Your Body

According to Iskra, the best way to ensure a great night's sleep is to give your body a great workout. She says, "I really love working out in the evening because afterwards, if my mind's been running all day and then I move my body, both are quite tired in a good way — in an accomplished way — then I go to bed feeling great and I sleep so well."

You don't have to force yourself to attempt a long, tough workout after a hard day, either, because a short and sweet sweat session can do the trick. Iskra says, "I can do boxing, light cardio, or a little high-intensity workout that just gets me moving, and I just sleep so great."

Focus on What Makes You Great

The model insists on looking in the mirror first thing in the morning, as "we're taught to pick out our own insecurities because that's how we're marketed to a lot of the time. So, it's about looking in that mirror and instead of seeing the insecurities, trying to pull out the things that you love and cherish about yourself."

Rather than focusing on your physical attributes, though, Iskra says, "Think much deeper; think about what your achievements, your accomplishments, even your personality traits that people value in you and knowing that you are enough just being you. And if you have to write on your mirror do that, if you have to write sticky notes, do it. That really, for me, is where you build up your self-esteem, your self-worth, and see that value. You see those little things that no one else has because they're not you."

Image Source: Getty / Johnny Nunez
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