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Pancake Mix in a Jar Gift Idea

DIY Healthy Gift Idea: Mason Jar Pancake Mix

Aside from loving your own healthy pancake mix at home, this makes a great gift to pack along when you're someone's houseguest or as holiday gifts this Winter. All you need are some glass mason jars, some ribbon or hemp string, a cute little label, and you're done. Thoughtful, healthy, delicious, and made with love.

Servings; Jar Size Flour (Cup) Sugar (Tbsp.) Baking Powder (Tsp.) Cinnamon (Tsp.) Salt (Tsp.)
4; Pint 1 1/4 1 2 1 1/4
8; 24 oz. 2 1/2 2 4 2 1/2
12; Quart 3 3/4 3 6 3 3/4
  1. Whisk all the five dry ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Pour into a mason jar and secure the lid.
  3. Make a label that says:

    Whole Wheat Pancake Mix

    1 1/2 cups mix
    1 1/3 cups soy milk
    2 tablespoons oil
    Sliced fruit
    Chocolate chips

  4. Here's the nutritional info for one plain prepared pancake (no added ingredients or syrup):

    Source: Calorie Count

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