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Quest Healthy Tortilla Chips

Give in to Your Cravings Guilt-Free With the New Quest Protein Tortilla Chips

My friend has a drawer in her pantry that she refers to as "salty snacks." It consists of pretzels, chips, and plenty of other snacks that taste great but don't exactly pack a nutritional punch. So when we heard that Quest, makers of those superyummy protein bars, were coming out with Protein Tortilla Chips ($18 for 8 bags), we were all ears. It's no secret that protein is essential to a healthy diet, and these allow you to get 19 extra grams of protein in the form of delicious chips. Finally, a snack that only feels indulgent!

Quest came out with two tortilla chip flavors, nacho cheese and ranch. If that doesn't grab your attention, I don't know what will. These chips are gluten-free and soy-free, plus they're actually baked, not fried. They are made with a combination of protein isolate and corn fiber, and while they feel lighter than a traditional tortilla chip, they definitely satisfy the craving for that aformentioned salty snack. Consider our pantry stocked.

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Quest Healthy Tortilla Chips
Protein Tortilla Chips
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