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How often have you blown off a workout or gone days without going to the gym because you don't think you have the time? We get it: work, family, social life, and other obligations tend to make it to the top of your priority list before your own needs. But there's the thing — everyone can make time for exercise.

As fitness coach Sarah Duff (@sarahdufflifestyleandfitness on Instagram) explained in an Instagram post, most people get overwhelmed with the idea of how much time a workout will take that they (wrongly) believe they can't find the time. But any activity and movement is better than nothing.

"Basically if you put effort into something and it's positively impacting your health then that's exercise," she wrote in her Instagram caption. "You have to stop saying I don't have time. Stop reaffirming that belief and start saying how can I find the time. I bet you could find 10 minutes here and there to do something."


Sarah encourages people to drop the all-or-nothing mentality and be honest about how you're using your free time. If you have quick workouts at your fingertips and do simple movements throughout the day, such as air squats every time you touch a doorknob, it will add up. Check out our list of five-minute workouts for inspiration.

If exercise is truly important to you, you will make an effort to fit it in. Focus on why it's beneficial for you and quit making excuses.

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