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How to Debloat Fast

8 Ways to Reduce Bloating Fast, According to These GI Doctors

How to Debloat Fast

The discomfort of a bloated belly is a feeling that most of us are far too familiar with. For some of us, we eat one meal and bloat fast, like a puffer fish. And for others, bloating happens as the day goes on. But why do we even bloat in the first place?

According to gastroenterologists Lisa Ganjhu, DO, of NYU Langone Health and Mohamad Erfani, MD of Essen Health Care, bloating can be triggered by a number of things, including chronic constipation, food intolerances, IBS, stress, and menstruation. Occasionally gynecological disorders (like ovarian cancer or fibroids) can "give a fullness feeling within the lower abdomen that feels like bloating," Dr Ganjhu says. That's why she encourages patients who experience significant change in digestive functioning to see a gastroenterologist or even gynecologist.

But for the most part, occasional bloating is normal. It can happen after sex, upon completing an intense workout, or first thing in the morning. Water retention — like when a person is on their period or consumes too much salt — is also a common reason for bloat, Dr. Ganjhu tells POPSUGAR.

But one of the most common causes of bloating is simply gas buildup, Dr. Erfani says. "This could occur when certain components in food (like grains, sugar in fruits, and dairy products) don't completely break down and get digested."

If you're looking to debloat fast, keep reading for tips to get rid of the belly bloat from Dr. Erfani and Dr. Ganjhu.

Note: If you're bloating regularly and/or have pain when you're bloated, be sure to speak with your medical provider for a checkup and proper course of treatment.

— Additional reporting by Leta Shy

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