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What Is Fit Girls Guide?

Here's What You Need to Know About Instagram Sensation Fit Girls Guide

The Instragram fitness community is currently going crazy over the Fit Girls Guide. This program, which started as ebooks before evolving into an Instagram revolution, is aiming to flood the world with positivity while ditching fad diets and shutting down the idea that carbs are evil. The community has since grown to more than five million participants in its 28-Day Jumpstart, Fitkini Body Challenge, and Fit Girls Bootcamp, many of whom are eager to share their before-and-after success stories. Read on to learn more about what exactly this program entails.

What is it?

Fit Girls Guide is a fitness program that aims to be about more than just weight loss. The guides provide healthy spins on favorite recipes, such as pizza, tacos, burgers, pastas, and even desserts, in addition to fun workouts and a plan to put a healthier lifestyle into place.

Its online platforms and community have a variety of activities taking place each day, including photo and style challenges, virtual 5Ks, scavenger hunts, and various support and accountability groups to empower all women, from all ages, fitness levels, and backgrounds, helping them to love themselves and be happy and healthy.

How does it work?

Fit Girls Guide has guides for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels and incorporates HIIT, circuit training, calisthenics, strength training, and cardio into its workouts. The Fit Girls Guide's beginning program, the 28-Day Jumpstart challenge, includes full meal and exercise plans and weekly grocery lists (with available vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options). It also comes with the Jumpstart Journal, which includes food and exercise diaries, a Fit Girl stats sheet, self-love coaching, weekend survival skills tips, and tips to end body-shaming self-talk. Best of all, the program does not require any type of equipment.

Once you've graduated from the beginning challenge, you can move on to the Fitkini Body Challenge (also known as "the next 28 days"), an intermediate program that features over 20 new recipes and a full exercise plan with 30-minute workout options. This toning plan also does not require a gym or any equipment.

Finally, once you've completed Fitkini, you can move on to the Fit Girls Boot Camp, which offers three months of advanced total-body toning with daily workouts that are 30 minutes or less, weight and HIIT training workouts, and "quickie workouts" for busy days. This plan requires hand weights, a mat, and a sturdy chair. This plan also comes with a printable #12WEEKSOFFIERCE motivational journal to help you track your progress and conquer common challenges and struggles.

As an added bonus, you can purchase all three plans in an Everything Bundle for $135.

What makes it different?

The online community is truly what makes Fit Girls Guide unique. It aims to serve as a support system powered by millions of everyday women who motivate and uplift one another. Additionally, all of the Fit Girls Guide workouts serve to be fun and adaptable. They can be done at home since many require no equipment at all, but you can also take them to the gym and easily modify with equipment.

Interested in starting up this program? You can purchase any of the guides on the Fit Girls Guide website. There is also a free downloadable app, which includes free workouts, recipes, samples, and a challenge tracker.

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