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Is Whole30 Hard?

A Whole30 Coach Shares the 1 Thing You Need to Know Before Tackling This Plan

If you're considering giving up grains, sugar, dairy, alcohol, and legumes for 30 days, you're bound to need a little support along the way. Whole30 has recently introduced a coaching program full of men and women who can give you the virtual hand-holding you need to really be successful on your Whole30 journey. POPSUGAR chatted up Mallory Froman, a CrossFit coach, mother of two, and Whole30 certified coach, to find out the number one thing you need to know before starting Whole30.

Like many of us, Mallory turned to Whole30 thanks to "unhealthy cravings and an unruly sweet tooth." When she completed her first round of Whole30, though, her unhealthy cravings and sweet tooth were gone. According to Mallory, "I was sleeping better, my mood improved, I was consistently happy throughout the day, had more energy, and woke up in the mornings feeling ready to tackle another day."

That's all the convincing we need, but how can a Whole30 coach help you through your own journey? Whole30 coaches are super familiar with the program and have probably already helped their own friends, family, and clients through Whole30 before getting certified.

So, what is the secret to Whole30 success? According to this Whole30 coach, the one thing you should know before starting is that "Whole30 isn't a quick-fix weight-loss program." While people do usually lose weight and change their body composition, that is just the cherry on top of the sundae (side note: there are no sundaes on Whole30) compared to everything else you will gain by completing the program. "During a Whole30, we don't focus on counting calories, weighing food, or even taking weekly weigh-ins. We want the focus to be on you and your relationship with food."

Pretty powerful stuff, but it isn't always easy. A Whole30 coach can help keep your head in the right place and celebrate all the little victories along the way — because who doesn't need a little motivation to get through the rough spots (aka the siren song of cheese fries)? "As a Whole30 coach, I love cerebrating nonscale victories (NSV). During a Whole30, we focus on these rather than the number on the scale. It can be anything from sleeping better and having consistent energy throughout the day to improved aches and pains and skin issues. Nonscale victories are different for everyone, and I love celebrating all of those," Mallory said.

A Whole30 coach can also help you through the more challenging aspects of the program. Mallory told us, "the most challenging aspect is seeing someone believe they can't complete their Whole30. At first, it can seem a little daunting, and rightfully so. You're changing your habits and your life in 30 short days. The great thing about having a coach is you'll have that support system — someone always in your corner helping you as much as possible to succeed."

Would you consider using a Whole30 coach to support you through the program?

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