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Beginner Fitness Tips
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Beginner Fitness Tips
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Why You Should Exercise a Little Longer

How a Few Minutes of Exercise Turns Into Big Results

Some days, you can't wait to get to the gym and power through that workout, and other days, it's hard to convince yourself that an energy-busting workout is exactly what you need. But, as they say, the hardest part is showing up — so once you do, why not add a few calorie-burning minutes to your workout?

Just five extra minutes of exercise can really make a difference, up to 50 extra calories burned during your workout. Those extra 50 calories may not seem like much, but if you're sticking to a five-a-week gym routine, that's an extra 250 calories a week! Every little bit helps when you're trying to lose weight, so print or pin this poster to motivate you to stick it out just a little bit more before you end your workout.

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KimEsmond1403121590 KimEsmond1403121590 2 years

True, I work out every day and I can manage to still enjoy life with food and drinks (within reason) because moving around is a lifestyle. :) Kim (Infinite Smile project)

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