You Need 5 Minutes and Zero Equipment to Crush These Effective YouTube Arm Workouts

We get it: sometimes you have absolutely no time (or motivation) to fit in a workout. On the days when you need something lightning fast to just get moving, five-minute workouts are our go-to, and nothing does it quite like a quick bodyweight arm routine.

Can you really get your arms working in just five minutes, with no equipment? We'll let these seven YouTube workouts answer that for you. Hit play on one the next time you have five free minutes and get those biceps, triceps, and shoulders quivering.

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5-Minute Intense Arms by Janine George

Five minutes feels like a lot longer when the workout's led by City & Guilds, UK Coaching, and CIMSPA Level-3-certified personal trainer Janine George. She starts us out with a merciless plank sequence, followed by bodyweight bicep curls and triceps holds and dips. You get a complete arm workout from your shoulders on down.

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5-Minute Toned Arms by Blogilates

Pop Pilates founder and instructor Cassey Ho is basically the queen of short, accessible, challenging workouts. You'll fly through creative moves like elbow circles and half cobra push-ups before finishing up with an intense round of up-down planks.

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4-Minute No-Weight Arm-Toning Workout by Class FitSugar

Shave an extra minute off your workout with this four-minute arm shaker. ModelFit trainer Sarah Rector leads this routine, which is set to upbeat music that'll keep you going even through the tough, pulsing moves — you don't put your arms down the whole time!

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5-Minute Standing Arms Workout by Koboko Fitness

You don't even need a mat for this five-minute arm blast from Koboko Fitness. Koboko, the ACE-certified personal trainer behind the routine, leads you through moves like rope reaches and lateral raises, and we love her infectious enthusiasm through it all.

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5-Minute Arm-Toning Workout Without Weights by Class FitSugar

If you've never heard of negative push-ups before, allow Class FitSugar host and ACE-certified personal trainer Anna Renderer introduce you at the start of this quick routine. Imagine a regular push-up, but you drop allll the way down to the floor before lifting back up. Those last few inches push you over the edge, and this workout just gets tougher from there!

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Best Arm Tone and Definition Class by Boho Beautiful

A full minute of arm circles followed by rotator cuff circles and chest presses: this workout is short and simple, but doesn't let up! Led by Pilates instructor Juliana Spicoluk of Boho Beautiful, this routine will have your arms shaking, from your shoulders to your fingertips.

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5-Minute Arm-Toning Workout Without Weights by Nansera Cissy

This fast workout, led by 200-hour registered yoga teacher Nansera Cissy, is a nice combo of stretches like Downward Facing Dog and classic arm moves like push-ups and plank with shoulder tap. If you want to loosen up your body while you work your arms, hit play on this routine!