8 Intense, Fit-spirational Home Workouts From Soccer-Player-Turned-Trainer Brittany Matthews

It's no secret that we're always scoping out new trainers, and Brittany Matthews (aka @brittanylynne on Instagram) is the newest face on our radar. A former college soccer player who also played professionally in Iceland, Matthews eventually found her calling in personal training and now creates online fitness programs for her clients. She's even offering a pregnancy workout guide, because she and her fiancé (Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes) are currently expecting their first child! We love that her workouts are both accessible and aspirational, and judging by the frequent Mahomes cameos, they're even Super Bowl MVP-approved. We rounded up a few of our favorite routines — including bodyweight, dumbbell, kettlebell, and resistance-band workouts — so you can try them for yourself!


Dumbbell and Barbell Leg-Day Workout


No-Equipment Full-Body Workout


Quick Lunge Workout


30-Minute Full-Body EMOM Workout

Note: EMOM means every minute on the minute! Do the required reps as quickly as you can with proper form, aiming to finish before one minute is up. If you do, you get the rest of the minute to rest; if you don't, you go straight to the next move with no rest in between!


Bodyweight and Band Full-Body Workout


Band and Dumbbell Arm and Back Workout


Dumbbell Upper-Body Workout


Get Those Gains!