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Cordless Jump Ropes on Amazon

If You Don't Have High Ceilings, Cordless Jump Ropes Are a Thing and Cost Under $15

Cordless Jump Ropes on Amazon

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A jump rope has to be one of the least expensive, space-saving pieces of cardio equipment, and jumping rope is one of the most efficient ways to build cardiovascular health because even short workouts will make you breathe heavy. If you don't have the ceiling height, or the rhythmic tapping of the rope hitting the floor underneath your feet is too loud for your downstairs neighbors, did you know they make cordless jump ropes?!

I first heard about cordless jump ropes from NASM-certified personal trainer Sydney Cummings, who mentioned it in this 15-minute jump rope workout.

You hold the handles in your hands like a regular jump rope, but there are much shorter cords attached with little balls on the end, so it feels like you're jumping rope. These are a great option for the reasons mentioned above, but also if you're frustrated about always tripping on a regular jump rope. Or maybe you don't want to have to move your furniture or go outside to have enough space, or you're worried if you move slightly to the left, you might hit your ceiling fan.

A cordless jump rope also saves your floors and it's tangle-free, so it won't hurt like a regular jump rope when it gets tripped up in your feet. Another bonus is that this is probably a piece of equipment you'll actually be able to find on Amazon that you won't have to wait months for! Check out our favorite cordless options ahead.

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