Forget Crunches! I Tried This "Core Heat" Workout, and My Abs Are Way More Sore

Don't be fooled by how simple these Pilates ab moves look! Pilates instructor, 200-hour yoga teacher, and NASM-certified trainer Alexa Idama of @lowimpactfit shared this "core heat" workout and said in the caption that these four exercises are "deceptively hard." The key is to focus on pressing your lower back into the floor the entire time to really engage your abs.

Idama said for moves one and two, focus on keeping your heels close to your backside in order to make a connection to your hamstrings and glutes (posterior chain). For moves three and four, use the connections formed in one and two to fuel the exercise. Do as many reps as you can with control. She said, "No more than 10 should be necessary if you do it right." She was right!