If You Suffer From Back Pain or Neck Tension, Grab a Band and Do These 5 Pilates Stretches

Don't suffer from back pain or neck and shoulder tension in silence! Grab a long resistance band with handles or a TheraBand and follow along to these Pilates-inspired stretches shared by Pilates instructor, 200-hour yoga teacher, and NASM-certified trainer Alexa of @lowimpactfit. These feel-good stretches will help you increase spinal extension and release tension in your shoulders, neck, and hips, which can help with tightness, discomfort, or pain. Alexa wrote in the caption, "As with everything else in Pilates think about the movement originating from your core." Think about trying to grow taller with every stretch, and move at your own pace and ability level. Hopefully doing these stretches will offer you some relief.