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Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises on TikTok From Nicole Gomez

These 3 Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises Are Way More Challenging Than They Look!


They’re so much more challenging then they look. I promise the last one will killlll #shoulderworkout #shoulderexercise #fitnesstips

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If you want strong, sculpted shoulders, NASM-certified trainer Nicole Gomez shared these three dumbbell moves. She said in the caption, "They're so much more challenging than they look," and the last one is especially intense! Gomez told POPSUGAR she recommends lightweight dumbbells, but it depends on the person's strength — feel free to go heavier if you've been strength training for a while (if you're not sure, check out this guide on how to choose the right weight). Make sure to keep your core engaged through the movements. Here are the three moves:

  1. Curl with a bent-arm lateral raise
  2. Up and around shoulders
  3. Overhead press variation
Image Source: Getty / urbazon
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