Roller Skates Are the Halloween Costume Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed

Looking for an easy way to make your Halloween costume stand out from the rest? Luckily, you don't have to get too ambitious to stick out in a crowd of all the standard witches, cats, and ghosts. Skip the complicated props and potential makeup mishaps this year, and just swap your shoes for the easiest Halloween accessory yet: roller skates.

Roller skates aren't just a must have of the roller rink or even a core memory of summer 2020 when skating became TikTok's favorite pandemic pastime. A pair of roller skates makes classic costumes feel unique and fun and, of course, provide a quick getaway from any monsters, demons, or ghosts you run into on Halloween night. Plus, with your skates as the centerpiece, the rest of your costume is basically a breeze. After all, even adding a pair of skates to your standard black-cat costume completely transforms it into a pretty unique look.

So make the pavement or dance floor your literal runway with a little extra mobility this Halloween. From corpse brides to cheerleaders, check out this lineup of looks that serve as the perfect roller-skate costume. And no worries — even on wheels, you'll still be fashionably cute for the Halloween season.

Additional reporting by Melissa Santoyo


Roller-Skate Costume: Dorothy From "The Wizard of Oz"

Turn heads both in the Land of Oz and here on Earth with some glittery red skates. We can't even blame Dorothy for taking these from Wicked Witch of the East — they're just too cool.


Roller-Skate Costume: Quidditch Player

Missing the nostalgia of Hogwarts and Harry Potter? Channel the Boy Who Lived by dressing up as a Quidditch player. After all, roller skating is honestly the next-best thing to flying.


Roller-Skate Costume: Reggie Rocket From "Rocket Power"

If accuracy is what you're aiming for, try dressing up like a famous skater. Purple shirt, purple hair, camo pants, and a pair of skates transform you into the iconic '90s cartoon skater girl Reggie Rocket.


Roller-Skate Costume: Beyoncé and JAY-Z

The glittery tassel skirt and butterfly skates are definitely Beyoncé-worthy. Considering "Renaissance" dropped this year, you're sure to be a hit at any party with this roller-skate costume.


Roller-Skate Costume: Corpse Bride

The corpse bride is already an easily recognizable Halloween classic costume. Add a little more to the traditional get-up with a pair of matching skates. We can't help but love this creepy, cool costume.


Roller-Skate Costume: Cheerleader

Ramp up your cheer game with a pair of roller skates. Just strap on your skates to take this simple costume to the next level.


Roller-Skate Costume: Retro Car Hop

This roller-skate costume is a great option if you're on the hunt for something versatile. Look closely, and you'll see that this creative cosplay combines a retro look with Lucio from "Overwatch" — but you can copy it to any character or color scheme you want.


Roller-Skate Costume: Beatrix Kiddo From "Kill Bill"

Go for a badass look with this Beatrix Kiddo roller-skate costume. If the bright-yellow jumpsuit doesn't turn heads, the roller skates will.


Roller-Skate Costume: Ash Ketchum From Pokémon

Few cartoon faces are as iconic as everyone's favorite Pokémon trainer, Ash Ketchum. Fanny packs and roller skates are already a match made in heaven, so throw in some Pokémon stuffed animals for this quick costume.


Roller-Skate Costume: Lawn Gnome

Want to dress up like a whimsical, woodland creature for your roller-skate costume? Look no further than a lawn gnome. There are a lot of different ways you could style this costume, but the tell-tale pointy hat and long beard are definitely a must.


Roller-Skate Costume: Winnie the Pooh

Craving "hunnie"? Venture out of the Hundred Acre Woods with this Winnie the Pooh costume. Quick to put together and easy to skate in, this get-up is perfect for both parties and efficient trick or treating.