I Can't Get Enough of These 29 Wellness Platforms and Brands Created For Black Women

Black women aren't waiting around for the traditionally white and homogenous health and wellness industry to cater to them; they're creating their own spaces and redefining health and wellness on their own terms. If you've ever felt unwelcome, uncomfortable, or othered in wellness spaces, this directory is for you. I curated a list of Black-founded wellness and fitness platforms and brands dedicated to serving the needs of Black women and women of color. From Black-owned CBD brands to yoga communities and mental health platforms, I've got you covered. Check them out ahead and bask in all this Black girl magic.


Transparent Black Girl

Transparent Black Girl was founded by writer Yasmine Jameelah and is a "wellness collective shattering unconventional stigmas surrounding what it means to be well for Black women."


Brown Girl Jane

Brown Girl Jane was founded by sisters Malaika and Nia Jones and Tai Beauchamp with the goal of creating a space and product "that supports approachable and realistic wellness centering women of color."


Naaya Wellness

Naaya was created by Sinikiwe Dhliwayo, a creative and public speaker. "Wellness, as it stands now, is synonymous with with whiteness, affluence, and being able-bodied. Naaya exists to redefine this narrative into one that centers BIPOC." (Editor's note: BIPOC stands for Black, indigenous, and people of color.) Naaya provides a community for BIPOC, curates events focusing on how to be well and decolonizing wellness, and provides BIPOC educational wellness opportunities such as yoga teacher trainings.



Trinity Mouzon Wofford is the CEO and cofounder of Golde, a brand that specializes in superfood essentials for health and beauty like matcha latte blends and their famous Clean Greens Face Mask.


Black Girls With Gardens

Gardening is such a calming practice and having a little green in your space will help you transform your home into a sanctuary. Black Girls With Gardens was founded by Jasmine Jefferson and is a "multicultural home and garden resource providing representation, support, inspiration, and education for Black women creating green spaces." If you're looking for plant inspo or want to connect with other Black plant lovers, check them out.


Balanced Black Girl

Balanced Black Girl is a wellness podcast created by Lestraundra "Les" Alfred, providing women of color with a safe space to have candid conversations about wellness, self-care, and self-love.


League of Their Own

League of Their Own is a Chicago-based league founded by Paige Crawford "connecting women from all backgrounds through recreational sports and wellness." If you like to dabble in a little bit of everything and miss the gym class vibe, follow League of Their Own to find out more about their events.


Therapy For Black Girls

Therapy For Black Girls is a mental health platform founded by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford. "Her work focuses on making mental health topics more relevant and accessible for Black women." She also created a directory for Black women to find therapists who cater their practices to working with Black women.


Black Girls Do Bike

Black Girls Do Bike was founded by Monica Garrison and is a community for Black women and women of color who are passionate about cycling.


Black Girl In Om

Black Girl In Om was created by Lauren Ash, a yoga and meditation teacher "creating space for Black women to breathe easy."



Historically, distance running has been a majority white sport. At the 2020 US Olympic Marathon Trials the New York Times found that more than 90 percent of all competitors were white. Three of the six US Olympic marathon qualifiers are Black, making it the most diverse marathon team in US history, according to Undefeated.

Due to factors like socioeconomic barriers and a lack of representation, distance running often feels like it's only for white people but platforms like RUNGRL are quickly changing that narrative. Whether you're new to running or have been running for years, if you're in search of a community, you'll find it here. RUNGRL was founded by Ashlee Lawson Green, Jasmine Nesi, Dominique Burton, Stephani Franklin, Natasha Jones, and Natalie Robinson.


Black Girls Breathing

Learn more about the connection between the mind, body, and breath with Black Girls Breathing, a platform created by Jasmine Marie. BGB is a space where Black women can take care of their mental health through meditational breathwork.


Hike Clerb

Hike Clerb is an intersectional women's hiking club based in Los Angeles and founded by social activist Evelynn Escobar-Thomas. Hike Clerb is creating accessible, empowering, and inclusive experiences in the outdoors. If you're looking to get some fresh air and connect with other women, be sure to follow them for more information on their meetups.


Black Women's Yoga Collective

Black women's Yoga Collective was founded by Mel Douglas with the mission of providing Black women and people of color access to wellness through yoga.


Brown Girl Self-Care

Brown Girl Self-Care is a platform and podcast created by Bre Mitchell, a self-care facilitator, dedicated to helping Black women heal from trauma and making self-care an everyday priority.


Black Girls Boulder

Black Girls Boulder was founded with the mission of making climbing, particularly the bouldering discipline more equitable for Black girls.


Black Girl Sunscreen

Take care of your skin health with Black Girl Sunscreen created by Shontay Lundy.



Re-spin is a digital health and wellness app created by Halle Berry and provided everything from workouts to meditations.



OMNoire is a wellness community for women of color founded by Christina Rice. Through wellness events and retreat, OMNoire is creating a safe space for women to find support throughout every stage of their wellness journey.


Brown Girls Climb

Brown Girls Climb was founded by Bethany "Bety" Lebewitz and is a community of climbers who are promoting and increasing the visibility of diversity in climbing.


Alexandra Winbush Candles

Relax your mind and unwind with one of Alexandra Winbush's soothing candles.


Black Girl Pilates

Looking for a Pilates instructor? Check out Black Girls Pilates created by Sonja Herbert, writer and Pilates instructor. BGP was created to support and highlight Black and Afro-Latina Pilates professionals.


Black Girl Magik

Black Girl Magik was founded by Shydeia Caldwell and Brittany Josephina with the purpose of creating safe spaces for millennial and Gen Z black women and girls. These spaces are meant for Black women to discuss issues like mental health, community building, and self-acceptance.


Black Girls Run

Jay Ell Alexander founded Black Girls Run to inspire and motivate Black women to practice a healthy lifestyle. Black Girls Run is open to all women interested in running whether you're a rookie or run five miles a day.


Blk and Grn

Blk and Grn is a marketplace created by Kristina Henderson, PhD. Whatever your natural product needs are, you can find it at Blk and Grn. And, all the products featured are created by Black artisans.


The Brooklyn Yoga Club

The Brooklyn Yoga Club is a body-positive yoga studio based in Brooklyn, New York founded by Alicia Ferguson and Paris Alexandra. Both Ferguson and Alexandra have the vision of creating a holistic practice while celebrating the arts.


Sad Girls Club

Sad Girls Club was founded by Elyse Fox with the mission of creating a supportive community centered around mental health for Gen Z and millennials.


Heal Haus

Heal Haus was cofounded by Elisa Shankle with the purpose of creating safe space for healing that is accessible, inclusive, and community-oriented.


Spiked Spin

Briana Owens is passionate about cycling but realized that there was a lack of diversity at the cycling studios she attended. Because of this, she launched Spiked Spin, a boutique cycling studio located in Brooklyn, New York with women of color in mind.