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HIIT Mini Resistance Band Workouts on Youtube

20 HIIT Workouts That Use Mini Resistance Bands to Get You Stronger

HIIT Mini Resistance Band Workouts on Youtube
Image Source: Pexels / Gustavo Fring

For your next at-home workout, try adding a mini resistance band into the mix. When combined with a fast-paced, performance-building HIIT component, the mini band (or booty band) will build up your strength and tone your muscles, while the HIIT aspect of your workout will stretch your endurance all the way to its limit.

The best part of this kind of routine is that it's adaptable to your workout needs in the moment, whether you want to place the band around your legs to maximize your squats and lunges, or use it to tone your back, arms, or abs instead. Paired with HIIT, which stands for high-intensity interval training, your body's conditioning will continue to outperform itself, as you alternate between intense anaerobic exercise with recovery periods and use the mini bands for extra strength. Ahead, find twenty mini resistance band HIIT workouts you can add to your weekly exercise rotation.

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