Kayla Itsines Has 6 Stretches to Help Ease Work-From-Home Muscle Tightness

Whether you're spending hours hunched over your laptop on the couch or in a kitchen chair that definitely does not meet ergonomic standards, working from home can take a toll on your body.

If you find yourself feeling tight or sore, you might want to try taking a break to stretch in the middle of the day. In a recent Instagram post, Sweat app creator Kayla Itsines explains that when working from home, "movement is your friend."

"When I sit down for too long, I start to feel SO tired," she writes. "I find that when I get up and go for a quick walk or stretch my body, I'm way more energetic."

In the accompanying video, Itsines demonstrates some simple stretches that do not require much space and can easily be squeezed into a lunch break.

The whole sequence takes less than 10 minutes and it's a lot more productive than tapping through your Instagram stories on your break. Check out the moves below, along with instructions for how long to hold each stretch.

Itsines recommends doing two sets. Don't forget to listen to your body and stop if you experience any pain!

  • Pecs – 30 seconds
  • Lats – 40 seconds, 20 seconds per side
  • Quads standing – 40 seconds, 20 seconds per side
  • Glutes – 40 seconds, 20 seconds per side
  • Adductors – 30 seconds
  • Hip Flexors – 40 seconds, 20 seconds per side

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