Prepare to Be Mesmerized by This South Korean Longboard Dancer

When it comes to fitness that doubles as an art form, it's natural to imagine figure skating, ballet, or even gymnastics. But South Korean skater Ko Hyojoo will make you consider her graceful, precise craft — longboard dancing — as something among those same ranks. Sure, longboarding may call to mind visions of southern California skate culture, but Hyojoo's elegant freestyle moves and light-as-air tricks make her look like she's floating, and are totally redefining the longboard scene.

Hyojoo's Instagram is filled with videos of her longboard routines, and boasts nearly 400K followers at the time of publishing. The up-and-coming longboard dancer is sponsored by Bastl Boards, and has been spotlighted by brands ranging from Vogue Japan to Samsung thanks to her unique style. Check out some of her most stunning videos below, and prepare to be mesmerized; you'll likely experience chills and will definitely want to take a spin on a longboard sometime soon.