Make Your Glutes Sore For Days With 8 Low-Impact, Ultra-Effective YouTube Butt Workouts

How do you work your glutes without putting weight on your feet? That's a question I had when a recent foot injury sidelined me from my usual workouts. Weighted squats, lunges, and glute bridges were off the table, so I was left looking for at-home butt workouts I could do on the mat, with no jumping or high-impact movements.

I don't work with a trainer, so my workouts are relegated to what I find online and on YouTube. Luckily, that was enough for what I needed here. These eight low-impact, mostly-on-the-mat YouTube glute workouts are appropriate for just about any fitness level, whether you're a beginner, you're recovering from injury, or you simply don't have the room or equipment for a more intense workout. Put your squats and jumps on hold for now, and get your glutes firing with these unique, creative YouTube butt workouts.

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Best Leg Toning Workout: 10 Minute Glutes & Thighs by Boho Beautiful

Target your glutes and thighs in one 10-minute session with this fast Pilates beach workout from Boho Beautiful.

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10-Minute No-Squat Booty Workout by Love Sweat Fitness

Resistance bands are optional in this tough Love Sweat Fitness workout. It starts with a bridge sequence that seems endless, then works your glutes even more with clamshells and bodyweight deadlifts.

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12 Minutes to Toned Booty Workout by Blogilates

This quick Blogilates workout challenges your glutes from all angles. You never even have to stand up, making it a good choice as a small space or no-noise workout.

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Yoga for Core and Booty!: 30 Minute Yoga Practice by Yoga With Adriene

This fun and peaceful yoga practice centers around the core and glutes, but yogi Adriene Mischler will lift up your spirit as well with her positive message of body acceptance.

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Pilates Butt and Thigh Burnout: Squat Free Pilates Workout by FitnessBlender

If you love glute kickbacks and the aptly-named Superman exercise, this FitnessBlender butt workout will be your new best friend.

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Floor Workout: Hips, Butt, & Thighs by Caroline Jordan

At 20 minutes, this on-the-mat workout is a little longer than the others, which lets you go even deeper into each move.

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5 Minute Butt Lift Workout: Bridge Challenge by Rebecca Louise

Grab a friend or just try this lightning-fast glute workout on your own. It's hyper-focused on bridge variations, which are some of the most effective butt-lifting exercises you can do.

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Best Yoga Workout: Butt & Arms Toning by Boho Beautiful

This 18-minute Pilates-yoga video combines arm-toning moves with glute burners like donkey kicks and low lunges. You'll incorporate yoga poses as well to get a workout that stretches as it strengthens.