Close Your Eyes and Sink Into These Guided Meditations to Ease Your Anxiety

It's one thing to hear that meditation can ease anxiety and another to experience it for yourself. Frankly, when I'm feeling stressed and anxious, the last thing I feel like doing is sitting down for 20 minutes of quiet meditation. One thing that can help: playing a guided meditation to ease me into that headspace. And while there are plenty of meditation apps you can turn to, one free and easy option is YouTube, where there's a plethora of guided meditation videos geared specifically toward anxiety relief. We've rounded up our six favorites, so next time you feel overwhelmed and anxious, hit play, close your eyes, and find some internal calm amid the chaos.

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A 10-Minute Meditation For Stress and Anxiety From Boho Beautiful

This 10-minute meditation from Juliana Spicoluk, the yoga instructor behind Boho Beautiful, starts with a few simple stretches (think shoulder rolls and side bends) to loosen up your body. The golden sunset backdrop will help you find warmth and inner calm as you settle into the short, accessible practice.

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An 8-Minute Moving Meditation For Anxiety

If sitting or lying down isn't right for you today, try this moving meditation from yoga and meditation coach Faith Hunter. You'll gently move your arms and hands, linking up your breath to your body to release tension and anxiety.

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A 15-Minute Meditation For COVID-19 Anxiety

This calming meditation from Kristin Lothman, a mind-body counselor at the Mayo Clinic, was made with pandemic-specific anxiety in mind. You'll focus on mindful breathing, accepting your thoughts, and being present in your body.

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An 8-Minute Meditation For Anxiety and Panic

This practice is only eight minutes long, making it perfect for a busy morning or lunch break. It's led by meditation master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, who takes you through a relaxed and focused body scan to bring awareness to all parts of your body and mind.

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A 15-Minute Meditation For Anxiety by Yoga With Adriene

If you've ever done a class from Yoga With Adriene, you know how calming and comforting Adriene Mishler's voice can be. In this meditation, she gently encourages you to notice where you are, identify the tension you're holding, and use your own power to let it go.

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A 15-Minute Meditation For Anxiety From Deepak Chopra

Famed meditation teacher Deepak Chopra leads this soothing, 15-minute class. He defines and lays out some of the reasons you might be having anxiety and slowly leads you toward letting go of it and living in the present moment.